LJT Membership

The Legends Junior Tour is open to boys and girls ages 19 and under. This tour will serve as a natural progression for those players who have successfully competed at the NTPGA, STPGA and HGA levels.

Texas Junior Golf Alliance includes:

  • Legends Junior Tour
  • Houston Golf Association
  • Northern Texas PGA
  • Southern Texas PGA

Types of Championships

Tier One events include:

LJT Open events: Jimmy Demaret Junior Classic, Winter Classic, Spring Preview, Bluebonnet Championship, Lanny Wadkins Junior Championship, Houston Junior, Texas State Junior Championship and the James A. Ragan Memorial.

LJT Invitationals: Byron Nelson Junior Championship, George Hannon Junior Invitational, Texas Girls' Invitational, and the Texas Cup Invitational.

Tier Two events include:

  • NTPGA All American Tour
  • STPGA Prestige Tour
  • HGA Performance Series
  • AJGA Invitationals & Open Events (Texas Only)

Playing With the Legends Junior Tour

As part of the Texas Junior Golf Alliance, becoming a member of your respective section also means you are a member of the LJT.

  • You must be a member of one of the alliance partners to play in LJT events
  • If you become a member of the NTPGA, STPGA or HGA, please allow 2-3 BUSINESS DAYS for us to process your membership.
  • You must then create a profile through the LJT website and then confirm your membership with full-time LJT staff
  • Once confirmed, you will then be able to register for event through LJT's Tournament Pairing Program using the login created.

Becoming Exempt in LJT Tournaments

There are numerous ways to become exempt into the Legends Junior Tour invitational's. Some ways include but are not limited to:

  • Playing in NTPGA All-American Tour events, STPGA Prestige Tour events, and HGA Performance Series events
  • Playing in LJT Open events
  • Junior Golf Scoreboard or Golfweek rankings
  • Finishing well in previous LJT invitational's

LJT Player of the Year Points

Players can earn points through playing with the LJT, NTPGA, STPGA, HGA, or AJGA. In order to be eligible for LJT Player of the Year and Jackie Burke Cup team, a player must EARN points in at least two LJT events.

  • Tier 1 events (LJT) are based on a 1,000 point scale (LJT Invitational's are based on a 2,000 point scale.)
  • Tier 2 events (NTPGA, STPGA, HGA) are based on a 250 point scale
  • AJGA events are based on a 250 point scale.

For more questions, please call our office at (214) 468-8955 or email us at info@TLJT.org.

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